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A Fresh Perspective on Bipolar Disorder
As a psychiatrist with thirty-four years of experience in private practice and clinical research, I have treated over one thousand patients with Bipolar Disorder.  In Fly Me to the Moon: Bipolar Journey through Mania and Depression, I have brought my expertise to life in the story of Eileen Robbins.  This book fulfills the needs of many readers, including...
  • Individuals with Bipolar Disorder
  • Family and friends of those with Bipolar Disorder
  • Health care professionals
  • Any individual who would like to deepen his/her understanding of Bipolar Disorder
  • Individuals who enjoy a fast-paced, suspenseful novel

Insight (For Bipolar Patients and their Loved Ones)

As you identify with Eileen's personal and professional struggles, you will be comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone.  As Eileen comes to terms with her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and begins treatment, you will gain insight into the nature of the illness.  As Eileen learns to manage her condition, you will receive encouragement and hope.

Continuing Medical Education (For Medical Doctors)

Eileen's story reflects accurate, up-to-date, medical research.  It serves as an excellent refresher course for those who are involved in the treatment of patients with Bipolar Disorder.  This book is meant to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Bipolar Disorder and promote beneficial patient/doctor dialogue.  CME credit will be available upon completion of a post-test.

Understanding (For Individuals with an Interest in Bipolar Disorder)

Bipolar Disorder is an illness that is often mentioned, but seldom understood.  By correcting the myths and misconceptions surrounding this illness, Fly Me to the Moon: Bipolar Journey through Mania and Depression demystifies and destigmatizes Bipolar Disorder.  The reader should be able to enjoy the book as a novel, and yet feel substantially educated on Bipolar Disorder and the day-to-day struggles of patients with Bipolar Disorder and their families.


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